Understanding people is core to solving any human-related problem. While people are complex and difficult to understand, coming up with solutions without understanding people’s behavior and attitudes is like stabbing in the dark. As a designer, I find that most types of qualitative research are flawed due to de-contextualized or scripted context and reliance on spoken or written words. What I find the most impactful in helping the team understand people is through natural observation and real-life experiences.

At GOGOX, product managers and designers value the product discovery and validation process more so than other teams I’ve worked with previously…

An athlete preparing to pull a deadlift
Alora Griffiths

In the past two years, I had great success in increasing my strength by following Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 training program. In my first six months (new to strength training), prior to gym lockdowns, I increased my squat, bench, and deadlift 1 rep max estimate total from 357kg to 414kg, an average increase of 9.5kg per month.

5/3/1 is a linear progression program that increases weight each 3–4 week cycle. In each cycle, reps decrease from 5 to 1 (hence 5/3/1), while the weight increases from 65%-85% to 75–95% of the max training weight:

  • Week 1: 5 reps @65%, 5 reps…

Tom Lau

Product designer building crowdsourced delivery at GogoX

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